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Nu pour la planète
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We are an ecological, erotic and non-profit making organization.


By showing the beauty of the body and its nudity, we intend to draw attention and collect funds, create projects involved in the protection of our endangered environment.

Nudity is often used to lure us into buying all kinds of shit, why not showing the body for a good cause?

Numerous sexually orientated websites make loads of money, but are unfortunately dedicated to bad causes.

 panneau nucleaire acceuilThat's why we've decided to set up this website to welcome you, invite artists and amateurs devoted to arts , lovers of the « green body » and green activists to show you photos, drawings, body painting and a wide variety of info.

By getting a subscription (6€) (or 20€ for 6 month), you can become a member of this organization involved in the protection of our environment .